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Malay Language Home Tuition
English, Mathematics & Science also available

Elemantra Academy is the BEST Singapore Tuition Consultancy for Malay Tuition. According to many Singaporean parents, it is also one of the Most Trusted Home Tuition Agency in Singapore for Malay Language Tuition

For the best Malay Tuition in Singapore, look no further than Elemantra Academy (part of the Elemantra Consultancy Group). Elemantra Academy is proud to be the Best Malay Tuition Agency in Singapore that have the best Bahasa Melayu tutors in Singapore. Their Malay tutors are adept in reinforcing the concepts of Bahasa Melayu Baku in their students by teaching them all the correct expressions and lineages. 

Elemantra Academy is the only Malay Home Tuition Specialist Team in Singapore which is managed by 4 former Ministry of Education MOE teachers and led by Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman who is an Anugerah Guru Arif Budiman Teacher Award (AGAB) recipient, an Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) recipient, a multiple Star, Gold and Silver Excellent Service Awards (EXSA) recipient, Lenovo Innovation Award for Teachers recipient and People’s Association (PA) Merit Award recipient. 

Elemantra Academy has over 60 dedicated specialist Malay tutors and other subject tutors (English, Math & Science) across Singapore. Elemantra Academy is well known in Singapore to provide professional, patient, experienced and dedicated Malay home tutors to you in order to suit your requirement and your budget.

Parents can contact Elemantra Academy for any Malay home tuition lesson (island wide) ranging from Primary school (PSLE), Secondary school (O Level), and even Junior College (A Level). Elemantra Academy also have special arrangements for international or foreign students to learn the spoken and written language of Bahasa Melayu. Elemantra Malay tutors will definitely boost your child’s Malay Language academic grades

A reliable education partner, Elemantra Academy is the trusted choice when it comes to Malay Language Tuition in Singapore. 

Elemantra Academy Malay Percussion Workshop for Overseas Students

Elemantra Academy (part of the Elemantra Consultancy Group) recently created a new team solely committed to showcasing the Malay Arts, Culture & Heritage to foreign students visiting Singapore.

Elemantra Academy aims to ensure that these workshops are both enriching as well as engaging for its participants.

These interactive and hands-on workshops are carefully designed to include easy-to-learn traditional dance, music and traditional percussion (kompang, rebana etc.) sessions which are conducted by our very own qualified and experienced instructors.

For more information, please contact Elemantra Academy via email at info@elemantraconsultancy.com.
Thank you.